Monday, March 21, 2011

The Boys

There is "Duck Boy", "Manners Man", "Coded Kid" and "Hunk of Math"

and none of them know each other.

Its weird though, I've always been able to make friends with boys easier than I have with girls.  Since all but "Coded Kid" are pre-missionary I'm going to be losing them for two years which doesn't seem fair to me since I've only had five months at max with them.  Heh, but I'm pretty proud of them.  I would be more sad if they didn't go.  Besides two years isn't that long.

*disclaimer:  I am in no way proclaiming my love for any of these boys.  Goodness, I am 19 and 3 of these boys are going on missions. calm your face.  Also, I have other friends and a few of them are boys.  These guys are the ones I hang out with on a fairly regular basis.*

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