Saturday, June 11, 2011

Exit Wound in a Foreign Nation

Its been a bit, hasn't it?  Such is life. 

I'm heading back to Utah next wednesday to start up summer term.  I am very ready to jump back into my studies and learn some awesome stuff.  I've had a pretty good break though.  It's been good being at home with my family again and everything.  I had a great job and I gained some good experience with it.  Life is very good.

I didn't get to live in the new house though but thats alright.  I understand, some things just didn't go quite right.  Things will work out though.  Mom and Dad should be moving in sometime soon after I leave which is great for them!  I know they will enjoy their new home.

I said my last goodbye to Jordan today.  I'm gonna miss you Duck Boy.  Write me tons and tons please.

So now I'm just packing up everything I own so it can all be moved into the new house after I leave.  I feel bad that I can't help with the move but it can't be helped.  My room seems so empty right now though.  9 years of stuff and pictures and memories all going into a box.  I feel like I'm packing away my rooms soul, that "lived in" feeling you get when you walk into someones room.  The sense you get that one specific person lived through all sorts of things in this room.  Now its all going into a box for the next person to fill with memories and life.  I'm in a reminiscing mood right now, case you can't tell.  I found old journals and pictures and toys shoved in the back of my closet with several years of dust layered on top.  What a great trip I'm on.

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