Monday, February 21, 2011

Go Find a Cave Then...

I hate hate hate FHE lately.  Not that I dislike the people or what we're doing, I just cant stand standing there for 3 hours not participating whatsoever in the activity/conversation and before you start berating me, yes I have tried to insert a story or help with activities.  The conversation is never really about something that I care or have anything interesting to say about. Earlier they were talking about some Disney movie and how the boys are such slobs.  I don't like Disney movies, so I don't have all of them memorized, and I don't think its particularly interesting to hear about how there's garbage all over the boy's apartment.

Maybe my hermit-itis has been acting up lately but FHE, a fun time to hang out with people and have fun activities, is turning into a giant chore.

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  1. Nicole I miss your face! way to tough it out chica haha